Stormtrooper Helmet Groom’s Cake

stormtrooper grooms cake Stormtrooper Helmet Grooms Cake
Check out this sweet (literally!) cake from Carmon Middleton in the shape of a Star Wars Stormtrooper’s helmet. Not only that, it’s a groom’s cake for a wedding. The only thing more awesome would be if the groom whipped out a lightsaber and started slashing away at the helmet cake, cutting it up almost instantly. Without any further pictures, for all I know that may very have been what happened.
imperial stormtrooper grooms cake Stormtrooper Helmet Grooms Cake

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10 Cool and Unusual Dresses

Metal Dress

Stylish dress created from hundreds of small metal pieces. [link]

Metal Dress

Cake Dress

Awesome wedding cake dress created by Lukka Sigurdardottir. [link]

Cake Dress

LED Dress

Light meets fashion in electronic dress designed by Mary Huan. [link]

LED Dress

Skull Dress

Cool dress created by Thom Ravnholdt for a Halloween party. [link]

Skull Dress

Nintendo Game Boy Dress

Creative tube dress is perfect for fans of Nintendo’s Game Boy. [link]

Nintendo Game Boy Dress

Sponge Dress

Weird dress created from regular kitchen sponges by Kate Cusack. [link]

Sponge Dress

Illusion Dress

Unusual dress created by brilliant designers Viktor & Rolf. [link]

Illusion Dress

Balloon Dresses

Cool dresses made from balloons by talented artist named Daisy. [link]

Balloon Dresses

Garbage Bag Dress

Stylish dress created from plastic garbage bags by Jutta Leger. [link]

Garbage Bag Dress

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Umbrella with coffee handle

Umbrella With Coffee Handle

 Is struggling to carry coffee while holding an umbrella a little too much for you to handle? Don’t skip the coffee just because it rains… and for you caffeine addicts out there, you don’t have to skip the umbrella either. Stay dry and pumped full of lattes with this uniquely designed umbrella with a built-in cup holder. The Umbrella With Coffee Handle is unfortunately just a concept by Jung-Woo Lee, but here’s hoping that Starbucks starts giving them away with every venti Frappuccino purchase.

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weird fish slippers


weird fish slippers

pictures weird fish slippers flip flops



LOLed when I saw these!

I’d like to think that inventions are for lazy people! Haha! 

Will post more funny ones if I find more! :D

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Girl be a Guy better then Guy be a Girl

After edit the pictures the girl face replace to guy and guy face replace to girls it look like the picture below… For the result like girls look better then guy.

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Money Wild Wallets & Wonderful Purse Designs

Wallets and purses are functional and practical carriers for cash, cards and the miscellaneous necessities of daily life – but who says they can’t be more? Forget that boring scrap of leather and slide an adapted Atari game cartridge, space-age metal contraption or even a dead stuffed cane toad into your pocket instead. These 14 wonderfully weird, cool and geeky designs will get you looks of envy from some people an looks of utter horror from others.

Clever Metal Wallet Offers Up the Right Card

(image via: fractal spin)

Just like the dimwits in those commercials that can’t seem to handle performing the simplest of tasks, you whip out your wallet to pay for a purchase. But wait – you can’t seem to find the right card, fruitlessly flipping through plastic and cash and quickly losing your cool. You could organize your wallet a little better, or you could make the whole process mind-numbingly simple with this clever (but bulky) contraption: a metal wallet with individual slots for each card. You just press the button for the card you want, and it slides forward. Magic pasta strainer not included.

Creepy Cane Toad Purse

(image via: toadshop)

Why settle for buttery, hand-dyed Italian calfskin leather when you could carry around a cane toad? This ultra-fashionable accessory is made from the corpse of a real cane toad, warts and all. Choose the streamlined legless look to keep up with the latest trends, or keep the legs and those gnarly toenails intact for added visual interest.

Bacon Wallet

(images via:

For the bacon lover who has everything – including neckties and dresses made from real fried pork flesh – nothing but a bacon wallet will do. Well, ask (or not) and you shall receive. The Bacon Wallet may look like the real thing, but alas, it’s sadly free of bacon scent. At least it won’t putrefy in your pocket.

Vogue-Worthy Mexican Wrestler Purse

(image via: trendhunter)

It’s finally socially acceptable for anemic fashion icons with blunt bobs to proclaim their secret passion for… Mexican wrestling. Or at least, that’s what this luxury handbag, featured in the pages of Vogue Nippon, seems to say. Don’t keep it inside, wear it proud.

Wood Wallet

(image via: itay laniado)

Can wallets get any simpler than this? Forget gimmicks and unnecessary gadgetry, this wood wallet by Itay Laniado design group is just a single piece of maple, oak or beech that uses your credit card to keep cash secured in a small chamber.

Reef Stash: Store Stuff Underfoot

(image via: brittanydiamond)

Sexy? No. Practical? You bet – and isn’t that what wallets are supposed to be all about? The Reef ‘Stash’ flip-flop has a super-handy built-in compartment to store small items like keys, cash and cards while you’re at the beach.

Customizable LEGO Wallet

(image via: gear fuse)

If you just can’t resist those little plastic bricks, this customizable LEGO wallet might be right up your alley. Sure, you’d probably have to use the pouch itself to carry around the LEGOs, leaving little room for money and essentially making this more of a portable toy set – but it’s still fun.

DIY Nintendo Controller Wallet

(image via: ubergizmo)

Only the most hardcore Nintendo geek would actually carry one of these homemade NES controller wallets around – especially because they don’t exactly fit into your pocket. Still, it’s a covetable DIY project for crafty gamers who just can’t get enough NES.

NES Controller Purse

(image via: perezstart)

Why stop at a mere DIY controller wallet when you could have an NES controller purse to put it in? For the ladies who love to fly that geek flag proudly, this vinyl clutch is quite a deal for $20 at

Actual Functioning NES Purse

(image via: geeky gadgets)

Oh yes, it gets even better. Not only can you proclaim your geekdom with a fully functional NES system incongruously mounted onto a wooden purse, you can keep yourself endlessly entertained no matter where you go and practically beg video game-deprived criminals to swipe your bag and run for the pixelated hills.

Head Hand Bag

(image via: head hand bag)

How do you say “I’m creepy,” but do it in a subtle and fashionable way? A decapitated human head in a classy linen drawstring bag is a great starting point. Designer Yael Mer was inspired to create this highly unusual molded purse by the biblical story of Judith cutting off the head of Holofernes. As one commenter on Purse Blog put it, “What’s next, an umbrella shaped like an amputated leg?”

Computer Keyboard Purse

(image via: boingboing)

If you’d rather be analyzing binary code, perhaps this is just the accessory you’ve been searching for. Sure, there are far too few female computer engineers in the world who would drool over a purse like this, but considering that Barbie is the newest member of their ranks, the profession – and geeky girly stuff like this purse – might just get a lot more popular.

ATARI Wallet

(image via: etsy)

Retro game lovers may cringe at the sight of a 25-year-old Atari cartridge being turned into a wallet, and there’s no telling whether the game was still functional before it became a fashion accessory, but how many of these vintage collectibles have made their way into landfills over the years? It’s a fun and functional example of creative(ly geeky) reuse.

BAGTV – Purse and Entertainment in One

(images via: bagtv)

Newspapers, iPods and portable DVD players just aren’t enough anymore. Our entertainment needs to be constantly present no matter where we go, and it must also be as conspicuous as possible. Meet the BagTV, a $300 purse with a built-in DVD player. “Use at night in bars, and clubs to show off your latest photos, or favourite videos,” say the manufacturers. Because what everyone in a noisy bar really wants – in addition to music and/or television screens already present – is some annoying person trying to show you a video of their drooling baby on their purse.

(via weburbanist

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Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs

Sudoku Toilet Paper: This creative roll of toilet paper comes with Sudoku puzzles imprinted on it. Now while do your ‘stuff’ in your toilet, you can have more fun playing Sudoku with your toilet paper.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 1

Origami Toilet Paper: This creative roll of toilet paper comes with complete instructions on folding your own toilet paper crane. So with this you can spend time learning new and creative Origami techniques while doing your stuff in the toilet.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 2

Windows Vista Toilet Paper: The Japanese seem so fond of the upcoming Windows Vista Service Pack 1 that they printed toilet paper rolls about it and highlighted it’s features.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 3

Story Toilet Paper: This Japanese toilet paper comes imprinted with several copies of Drop, a nine-chapter novella written by Koji Suzuki, author of the Ring cycle of novels, which has been made into films in both Japan and Hollywood.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 4

Camouflage Toilet Paper: If you had enough using the plain white toilet paper, then can go in for this camouflage toilet paper, imported from Germany.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 5

Mind Trainer Toilet Paper: Each square of the roll is printed with a different mind bending puzzle, keeps you preoccupied.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 6

Crossword Puzzle Toilet Paper: Next time you forget a magazine or book, it’s not a problem with this Crossword Puzzle Paper you can spend hours solving crossword puzzle.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 7

$100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper: If you are wealth enough then you can always use dollar bills when you run out of regular toilet paper. If not you have an affordable alternative, toilet paper featuring images of dollar bills.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 8

Cheese Grater Toilet Paper: For those who are as tough as nails.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 9

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper: Now even in the dark you’ll always be able to find the toilet paper.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 10

Safari Toilet Paper: This toilet paper set contains Giraffe, Zebra and Leopard print, 4 ply toilet rolls, gives your bathroom the exotic touch.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 11

Ruler Toilet Paper: If your roommate recently told you that you use too much toilet paper, then this awesome Ruler Toilet Paper is for you. It has measurements printed throughout the roll so you don’t have to worry if you are using too much or not.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 12

Colored Toilet Paper: These toilet papers come in four gorgeous colors, which are said to be soft & silky.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 13

Sprinkle When Youtinkle Toilet Paper: A woman appears on each square, reminding everyone that “If you sprinkle when youtinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat!”

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 14

Chuck Norris Toilet Paper: This one is sure the ultimate winner of any Chuck Norris joke.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 15

50 Million Pound Toilet Paper: If recent financial instability has made your pocket string tighter and you’re unhappy with certain bank officials, you can now show your displeasure in an appropriate way with this ‘50 Million Pound Toilet Roll - Gordon Brown Toilet Paper’.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 16

How To Toilet Paper: It gives you complete instructions, but the five easy-to-follow steps are even presented in the correct order!

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 17

Funny Toilet Paper: ‘It’s a parody of a certain chain of mega stores, you know which ones we are talking about! Stick it to them by using this humorous TP’.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 18

Black Toilet Paper: Most of us have been using exclusively white toilet paper and didn’t even know you could buy black toilet paper. Renova black toilet paper definitely stands out.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 19

Notepad Toilet Paper: This comes from advertising for the School of Visual Arts that encourages people to ‘think’ while also by giving them a place to write down their thoughts.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 20

On A Roll Toilet Paper: ‘Be the thoughtful person and place a strip in front of the bathroom door after each use’.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 21

Music Toilet Paper: This one looks cool!

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 22

Jokes Toilet Paper: This Jokes Toilet Roll is just what the title states, a toilet roll with piles of jokes.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 23

Lipstick Kiss Toilet Paper: Toilet paper with attitude, this roll of toilet paper comes covered in lipstick kisses.

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 24

Toilet Roll With Bride & Groom: ‘This novelty toilet paper with comical bride and groom is sure to bring a smile.’

25 Creative And Awesome Toilet Paper Designs (25) 25

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